LeafCann’s mission is to advance the re-introduction of plant-based extracts in medicine and nutrition through conducting and supporting product and industry research and development, clinical trials, commercial production and GMP manufacturing.

LeafCann is building a robust and agile Medicinal Cannabis supply chain, forging export agreements and working towards ensuring patients have access to precision cannabis medicines made from the highest quality ingredients at affordable prices. With a world-class management team and leading international professionals on our advisory board, LeafCann is well placed to execute this mission globally.


For decades the physical effects of chronic, life-threatening and terminal illnesses like cancer, MS and epilepsy have been treated with pharmaceutical drugs. However, anyone with first hand experience of caring for people with these conditions will know that the side effects of many pharmaceutical products used to manage pain, such as morphine or pethidine, have a significant negative impact for many users.


Many pharmaceutical products are prescribed as the best available, despite being not specifically fit for purpose. Now all that is changing. The passing of the Narcotic Drugs Amendment in February 2016 means that Australians affected by chronic pain will now have access to an effective alternative – medical cannabis. 


LeafCann is ready to be one of this Australia’s pioneering Medicinal Cannabis producers. Developing state-of-the-art in-door controlle- grow facilities using high-tech chambers and Super Critical CO2 (SCCO2) extraction, LeafCann aims to produce stable, consistent, extracts and Activated Pharmaceutical Ingredients from the cannabis plant, for use in clinical trials and Special Access Schemes. On a global stage, Australia has the opportunity to take a leading role in the development of medicinal cannabis through its reputation as an innovative country with a strong heritage in medical research, product development, and agriculture. Perhaps the greatest positive for Medicinal Cannabis is the overwhelming support of the Australian public.

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