The Narcotic Drugs Amendment in February 2016 means Victoria is the first Australian state to legalise the manufacture and supply of medical cannabis to support people in chronic pain. 

LeafCann Medical Cannabis is striving to be the first triple P (People, Planet, Profit) medical cannabis grower in Australia. Our primary focus will be to provide high quality, cannabis products to patients across Australia, growing a loyal base of customers with our fair prices and sustainable commitment to community and charity. 

It’s our aim to become industry thought leaders through our partnerships with universities and other medical research organisations.
With headquarters in South Australia, a world-class management team and expert advisory board, our commercial ‘Seed to Sale’ model focuses on Australian-based cultivation, research and development, manufacturing and distribution of medical cannabis.


Creating a new agricultural industry with a focus on genetic acquisition and breeding new medicines for the Australian medicinal cannabis market.  

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Creating a new manufacturing Industry and supplying whole plant medical cannabis in a variety of forms that can be administered in different ways.


Facilitate a range of diverse research initiatives , including: Genetics development, Agriculture & Horticulture, Extraction processes and product formulation and development. 


The LeafCann ethos of Patient before Profit will ensure our customers are well educated and safe, with access to quality products at an affordable price. 




At LeafCann we want to give patients a constant, easy to access supply of the highest quality organic medical cannabis products – at affordable prices. 

That’s why we spent a lot of time researching the best greenhouse cultivation method for growing medicinal cannabis in a way that is organic, environmentally friendly and reduces production costs.

So how does it work? The way we farm at LeafCann is unique to the cannabis plant. Our use of microorganism and probiotic farming will help support the full cannabinoid and terpene properties of the different strains we grow, resulting in high quality end products.  

Our farm greenhouses will be equipped with automated light deprivation systems and use supplementary lighting to ensure consistent harvests and quality flowering at harvest time. 
This approach will ensure multiple crops a year, with a larger raw material harvest and high oil yields. That’s great news for patients and investors because it means that LeafCann will be able to deliver a high quality product at a price that’s fair for everyone. 





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