Dr. Jaroslav Boublik
B.Sc.(Hons) Ph.D. (Med), AACNEM, MRACI, C.Chem. 
CEO & Chief Scientist   


Dr. Jaroslav Boublik is an Associate Member of the Australian College for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, a Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, and a Chartered Chemist. He is member of the Monash University and Fulbright Alumni Associations. He has held a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowship, a Neil Hamilton Fairley Postdoctoral Fellowship, and was an R. Douglas Wright Fellow. JB is in talks with researchers and industry experts identifying the key international strategic partners for the development of Cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals and creation of natural botanical medicines. His experience with nutritional and herbal product listing, compliance and governance in Australia, and his experience as a CSIRO auditor, position him perfectly to spearhead licensing, product development and quality assurance.

Elisabetta Faenza
Co-founder - Chief strategic Officer & Spokesperson 

Elisabetta is an expert in relationship management, optimising individual, organisational and societal outcomes, driving collaboration and fundraising through win-win relationships. With a Masters in International Relations and a BA in Public Relations, Elisabetta also has a keen understanding of the global trends that affect organisations and individuals alike. She sees LeafCann as an industry think tank and operational centre of excellence, providing ideas generation, product development, processing, patenting, licensing and certification, for the Essential Oil and Plant Based Extracts (PBE) industry. Elisabetta has extensive experience as a strategic planner and relationship manager for transnationals and NGOs in the health and environmental agriculture sectors. Her experience in project planning, strategic partnerships and fundraising has allowed her to identify key strategic partners and negotiate joint venture agreements both nationally and internationally.

Ilario Faenza
Executive Director & MA specialist

Ilario Faenza is the founder of Visage Investments – he is a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) specialist with over 25 years’ experience in the IT & Telecommunications industries at the highest levels. Ilario is passionate about the development of strategic partnerships to spearhead innovation and facilitate succession planning. He continues to be a successful dealmaker in the creative consolidation of products and service companies. He has launched start-ups and IPOs, managed M&A for companies in a wide range of sectors and is a valued board member both in Australia and abroad. Ilario’s experience in Europe and the US gives him a unique international perspective that is sought after at home and overseas. 

Zvi Brooks 
International Relations & VC

Zvi Brooks is an executive at Axcess Today Professional Finance and Reverberate Capital.  An entrepreneurial leader with a track record of delivering business growth through strong customer and commercial relationships, he brings nearly 20 years of experience across M & A / Corporate Advisory, Private Equity, Operations, Marketing and strategic Business Development. Zvi is experienced in establishing new business ventures in conjunction with corporate and government partners with a focus on international markets and both out-bound and in-bound partnering, business development and capital deployment and structuring.

Garrick Wells
Technical Extraction Specialist

Garrick Wells is the founder and manager of SCENZA. SCENZA (http://www.scenza.co.nz) are a private company, based in New Zealand, who provide advanced product extraction services for essential oils and other extracts from organic matter. They have equipment and experience in a key technology – Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction (SCCO2).  SCCO2 is a method of extracting essential oils and other ingredients from organic matter using a highly efficient, highly effective and environmentally friendly process. Garrick, original a qualified accountant, who through exposure to the pharmaceutical industry, and some business success in a separate field, was able to identify the need for extraction capability in his native New Zealand and fund the development of SCENZA. A focus has been utilizing materials which would otherwise be treated as wastes and producing valuable extracts, positively impacting both cost and environmental endpoints.

Dr Elise Sullivan
PhD, FACN, Clinical Education

Dr Elise Sullivan has a strong history in legislative change and professional training and education to support clinicians to advance their scope of practice so they can better serve their communities. She led the charge to change the Drugs, Poison and Controlled Substances Act in Victoria to authorise registered nurses to supply medicines in emergency care. The Australian Academy of Clinical Leadership, of which Elise is CEO, has designs and delivers training programs to clinicians to advance their clinical practice particularly with respect to extending their authority to administer and supply medicines. 

Elise has a background in nursing and her PhD revealed the conditions needed to sustain emergency care in rural communities. She is passionate about extending the capability of clinicians to improve access communities have to care, and treatments that will improve and save lives.